Mutoh cartridges filled with alternative eco-solvent ink that fully matches the OEM Eco-Ultra ink in color and all other properties. No banding, no nozzle outages, no color shift due to missing nozzles. Smooth, trouble-free operation. We use the new proprietary ink treatment and packaging technology, in combination with revolutionary new ink formula with nano-sized pigment particles. We have our own smart chip cards that are guaranteed to work.


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Mutoh cartridge 440ml with eco-solvent ink

Plug-and-play chipped 440ml cartridge for Mutoh filled with premium eco-solvent ink. This alternative ink runs flawlessly on a Mutoh without nozzle drop-outs, thanks to the high ink quality combined with our proprietary ink treatment and packaging technology.

Our price: US$78.00
Mutoh Smart Card

Smart card for Mutoh Valuejet, Rockhoppper, Spitfire, Agfa GSU, loaded with ink data

Our price: US$5.75
Mutoh Smart Card, Blank

Smart card for Mutoh Charger, blank

Our price: US$5.00
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Smartcard recharge kit for Mutoh printers

Recharge kit for Mutoh smart cards. Stop buying smartcards for your Mutoh! This low-cost solution will save you money and time. Recharge your smart cards and be 100% up and running.

Our price: US$250.00